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The Marketing Crew

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Tech change, in all areas, is happening as rapidly as we all envisioned the futrue to be – the future is finally here. Change, makes most of us uncomfortable, but immobility destroys companies.

Of course this applies to the software you use within your company. The Crew finds newly integrated programs, easier to use and less expensive than the many different pieces of software you bought three years ago. Churn occurs if a provider of services does not adapt their product to your needs. We assist wth flow implementation and are addressing what the present climate is.

If you’re thinking of hiring Marketing Staff . . .

. . . wa wa WAIT! and consider another option, OUTSOURCING!

AND, if you’re going to outsource, it makes sense to use the Marketing Crew because you’ll only have to outsource to ONE COMPANY for nearly 20 products and services.

Rather than spending all that money on a bogged-down, in-house person, you can be putting it directly into marketing by contacting the Marketing Crew for your FREE consultation and putting a comprehensive plan into action.

We look forward to a long lasting partnership. 

The Marketing Crew

CONCERNING SEO – We began creating websites in 1995 when organic search was the only way for your site to be found. We became experts in on-site SEO and have kept up with the white-hat rules. Although organic search alone does not get you seen, it is still important if you have a comprehensive marketing approach and WE PROVIDE THE SERVICE FOR FREE. A company must do PPC, Facebook Ads, have Social Media Pages and have a constant flow of information going to them by a professional, grow an email list to do email marketing, have web videos to use on various outlets, have a blog, post to other blogs, have affiliates, and if truly entrepreneurial have scientifically proven method of selling, upselling, and perhaps even having a membership site. The Crew helps you complete all these goals.

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